Hi, I’m Laura, a Photographer & Film Maker specialising in Motherhood & Family Portraits. This is me with my two little wild flowers, Hetty and Mabel, seeing how quickly they have grown and changed has inspired me to record these fleeting moments to look back on and to do the same for your family too. My aim is to show the true essence of you and your loved ones, to do this it helps for us to know a bit about each other so here is a little bit about me….

I love the simple things in life and home comforts, an ideal day would be spent taking a long walk on a windy British beach, past rustic painted beach huts, eating ice cream from a cone and skimming stones. Drinking hot chocolate with marshmallows infront of a log fire and eating fish and chips out of the paper!

When working as a Photographer at a studio for 10 years, I photographed lots of different families and found a real love for capturing Mama’s-to-be and new Mama’s with their babies. I loved how intimate and slow paced the shoots were and found that they complimented my gentle, calm nature.  I began photographing my pregnant and new mum friends on my days off and gradually Laura Beth Photography was born!

I believe that there is beauty in simplicity and aim for this in my work creating simple images that are light, fresh and soft.  I combine this with a keen eye for styling from my background in fashion working on magazines such as Elle and Cosmopolitan where I worked as a Fashion Assistant.  My experience in Fashion combined with a love of photographing Mothers have blended to create my unique style, emotive Motherhood Portraits with an editorial edge.

I love making magic with like-minded people so If you think my style is a good fit for you please connect with me and we can chat more about your Motherhood session dreams!

Lots of love,

Laura x