DIY Maternity Shoot Tips

For the Mamas-to-be who aren’t able to have professional Maternity Photographs taken at the moment……

A few of you have mentioned that you would like to take some phone pictures at home so I have put together some tips to help you get the best results.

For a light, soft look natural light it’s really important so shoot the images in the room with the best light. Try to avoid harsh light when it is shining directly into the room and turn off any artificial lights as they will create a yellow colour cast.

Shoot from slightly above eye level for a flattering angle and clear any distracting objects from the background so the focus is on you and your bump!

Shoot in Portrait Mode on your phone and lift the exposure if it looks too dark as camera phones tend to under expose (usually a sun icon which appears when you’re taking a photograph)

You can use an editing app to edit your phone images, I like to use VSCO

A soft colour palette works really well for Maternity photographs, layering a knitted cardigan or embroidered/patterned kimono over a simple dress or vest top looks great. Floaty dresses work really well and it’s worth painting your nails for close ups of your hands on your bump. If you would like more intimate shots try pretty underwear with a cardigan/kimono over the top

Your bedroom is a lovely place to take a few Maternity photographs. Light coloured, plain bedding works really well to create a neutral background which won’t detract from your bump

Standing side on to your window can create a lovely simple image and really shows off your pregnant shape, try this when the light through the window is soft, not harsh sunlight

Don’t forget to take some close ups too and some of your bare bump if you would like to. These are best taken near a window, if you stand side on to the window the light and shade will really accentuate the form of your beautiful bump

If you have other children it can be great to include them in a few images, make it fun and try having them sitting up on your bump or kissing your tummy!

If you have pretty flowers in your garden they can make a great backdrop, try taking outdoor shots at golden hour (the hour before sunset) for beautiful lighting

I hope these tips are helpful, please feel free to message me if you have any questions at all. After this time has passed I can’t wait to photograph all the amazing bumps again, I’m missing it so much.

Lots of love, Laura xx

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